Energy efficiency in the home



There are many opportunities for saving energy in the home that are not generally apparent. Some ideas are simple and involve using existing appliances more efficiently. Other options require some form of investment such as buying more efficient appliances or enhancing the insulation properties of the building fabric.

Investing in energy efficiency measures will result in lower electricity bills even if electricity prices rise. Saving electricity will save resources, reduce environmental pollution and help limit global warming and climate change.


The advantages of using energy efficiently are:

  • many savings possible at no cost e.g. switching off appliances and not leaving them in stand-by mode
  • further savings possible at low cost
  • investment in energy efficient products has generally a short pay back time whilst reductions in electricity consumption will last the lifetime of the product
  • investing in insulation will improve the condition of the building fabric and reduce the level of condensation
  • improved quality of life

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