Micro-Wind - Economics



Between £1,500 (€2,235) & £30,000 (€44,700) installed, note that a structural assessment is needed if you intend to attach a micro-turbine to a building (likely to cost in excess of £500/€745). This should be carried out prior to installing any turbine.

Selling your surplus electricity (UK)

The Renewables Obligation requires energy suppliers to derive from renewables a specified proportion of the electricity they supply to their customers. This started at 3% in 2003, rising gradually to 10% by 2010. Eligible renewable generators receive Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for each MWh of electricity generated. These certificates can then be sold to suppliers so that they can fulfil their obligation.

If you generate electricity from a wind turbine that is connected to the National Grid and you generate more electricity at any time than you are using, you can sell your electricity to one of the electricity providers. In addition, you can also sell the ROCs which certify that your electricity comes from renewable sources. As with buying electricity, the price paid will vary with utility company. The amount you are being paid will be based on the number of kWh of electricity generated. Some schemes only pay for electricity & ROCs that are exported. Others just buy the ROCs, but that includes all that is generated (including any you may use). As this can make a difference of up to 50% in the value of electricity, it is worth estimating how much you might use.

Grants (UK)

Within the UK, householders are eligible for up to £1,000 (€1490) per KW (peak rated) up to 30% of the total installed price, through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme (www.lowcarbonbuildings.org.uk). Note individuals should contact their local Sustainable Energy Network (Formally Energy Efficiency Advice Centre) office for information before purchasing anything.

Community groups are eligible, through a competitive bidding procedure, for up to 30% of the installed cost of a micro-wind turbine from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme ‘Phase 2’ (www.lowcarbonbuildingsphase2.org.uk). It is possible to match fund this grant with additional funding from an energy supplier’s Energy Efficiency Commitment fund.
Example: EDF Greenfund - 012733 428641