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The ever increasing use of fossil fuels such as oil or gas is leading to growing amounts of greenhouse gases (of which carbon dioxide is the most significant) congregating in the upper atmosphere. The consequence is that more of the sun's heat being reflected from the earth's surface is being absorbed leading to global warming and climate change.

Time to act

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has calculated that the world wide emissions of carbon dioxide have to be stabilised within seven years to prevent irreversible changes in climate that could affect life on earth.

A more sustainable use of energy is essential as the rate of carbon dioxide concentration is increasing due to rising living standards as well as growing population. Such an increase is not sustainable for even one more generation due to the inability to maintain current supplies of oil and gas and the impact of global warming.

The two principal methods of sustainability are

  • to use energy more efficiently
  • to utilise renewable energy derived from the sun both at community level and in individual homes.

Resources for teachers

Suitable resources in the form of a handbook for teachers have been developed by the KITH partners. This handbook comprises background information, activities for students and notes for teachers, links to the national curriculum and key stages.

The activities are suitable for a wide age range and can be used individually, linked together to form lesson plans or used to support energy and environmental projects. Lesson plans are described for two themes; human needs and the role of renewable energy sources.
KITH resources for teachers

School trials

The UK partners, Sciotech Projects and Community Energy Plus, are keen to work with both primary and secondary schools willing to trial the KITH resources during 2008. Further trials are being held in nine other European countries at the same time. For more details and instructions for obtaining a copy of these resources see the link below.
School trials

Ecoville interactive game

Ecoville is an interactive game that allows the user to build an environmentally sustainable community. The KITH web modules provide the necessary background.

A European competition will be held in April/May 2008. A prize will be awarded to the school that designs the most environmentally friendly town using Ecoville.

Ecoville game

Green Pack

The Green Pack is produced by The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe and four chapters are being adapted to reflect the KITH resources.
Green Pack

Other environmental initiatives

The UK Scout Association has initiated a climate challenge within the Global Programme zone for all sections.
Scout Climate Change Challenge

Links to other educational projects

Links to other educational projects in Europe and the UK can be found using the link below.
Other web sites