Advice and further information


Financial assistance

The EU has set a target for renewable electricity and a separate target for renewable heating is under discussion. Member States, regional or local authorities may therefore have introduced policies or strategies to encourage the uptake of small renewable sources to buildings.

  • Grants, subsidies, tax credits or accelerated depreciation may be available.
  • A lower ate of value added tax (5% rather than 17.5%) may be applicable.
  • Utilities may also wish to encourage distributed rather than centralised energy sources and so make available grants or low interest loans.


If you decide which energy source is suitable for your home, you can then identify an installer who is qualified to assist you; possibly form your citizen's advice bureaus which are present in most towns and cities.

If you are unable to decide which energy source may be suitable, one option is to contact the nearest energy advice centre. These are located in some of the biggest cities. Alternatively, a local installer may be able to provide some initial advice.

National Energy Foundation

Energy Saving Trust