This site will help you to identify what you can do to help your community meet the Kyoto target for greenhouse gas reductions and prevent global warming.

The first three buttons on the left will take you to background information on 'sustainable use of energy', 'energy efficiency in the home' and 'renewable energy sources'. The next two buttons will take you to information on how to reduce heat losses in buildings during winter and solar gain during the summer. The remaining links provide information on specific renewable energy sources.

The optimum place to install renewable sources is where the energy will be used such as buildings. So this site provides useful information on how you can use renewable energy sources in your home to provide space heating and cooling, hot water and electricity.

Whilst we currently use primarily fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil, converting to renewable resources will enable us to produce electricity and heat with low environmental impact.

In this way you will be able to save energy, money and reduce the environmental pollution associated with providing and using energy.

A range of educational resources have been developed for teachers which include activities for students, lesson plans and information for developing a sustainable energy community. These resources are now being trialled in 10 European countries and schools are invited to participate in these trials.

Hungary Workshop - Kyoto in the home